Blue Velvet

sexta-feira, março 10, 2006

Toca a honky tonky se for necessário

Radio's on, feeling all right
Cruising the strip on a Saturday night.
I smile and I wave and I hide all my pain
but the sign on my bumper gives me away:

Honk if you're lonely tonight
If you need a friend to get through the night
A toot on your horn, a flash of your brights
Honk if you're lonely tonight.

I know honky-tonk where we can go.
A booth in the back with the lights way down low.
The jukebox is playing a sad melody
for heart-broken lovers like you and me.

We'll laugh and we'll flirt and we'll dance every dance
and before the night's over we'll take a chance.
The morning will find us with a smile on our face
and we'll be together in a lover's embrace.


I know it seems sad to be so damn blue
but there's always the chance that you'll meet someone new.
I know that somewhere waiting for me
is a sad lonely lover with a bumper that reads: